Types and causes of testicular pain in men with excitement

If eggs hurt after a long excitement, then the reason may be both a banal rush of blood, and the development of pathological processes in the body. In some cases, the symptom is eliminated quite easily, but sometimes pain in the scrotum continues to bother for a long time, including after a full-fledged act. And only a urologist can name the reason why eggs hurt after arousal.

Why do testicles hurt when excited?

causes of testicular pain when agitated

The process of erection in men is associated not only with the flow of blood to the genitals, but the brain and nervous system are involved in the work. During normal intercourse, arousal ends with ejaculation, when semen is released from the testes. Further, the blood quickly leaves the cavernous bodies, the excitement passes.

Testicles maintain their activity constantly: they produce male germ cells, a small amount of testosterone. Therefore, with irregular contacts, the testicles accumulate a certain amount of sperm, the pressure on the walls of the paired organ increases and the man experiences pain.

At a young age, it is not difficult to remove symptoms, the body throws off excess pressure through emissions - spontaneous discharge of seminal fluid from the genital tract at night. Normalization of acts leads to the cessation of emissions, but sometimes self-cleaning of the testicles does not occur. This leads to the fact that a man's eggs hurt after arousal, symptoms occur in the groin, scrotum.

Lack of sexual release is one of the main reasons. The mechanism of the phenomenon is quite simple: excitement leads to the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood, there is no act - the blood leaves the body extremely slowly, while the bursting contributes to the rapid movement of sperm along the vas deferens. The summation of the processes explains why men have egg pain after arousal.

Tip!As a rule, testicles stop hurting 3-4 hours after the semen is withdrawn from the canals. This does not require the intervention of specialists, the man copes himself. However, if the symptomatology is pathological, you should contact a specialist who will tell you why and why the eggs hurt when excited.

Types of pain sensations

why do eggs hurt when excited

How a man's eggs hurt, causes from excitement or pathology, but the signs say a lot about the nature of the phenomenon:

  1. Long-term abstinence - pulling pains localized in one testicle pass after the physiological act of ejaculation.
  2. Trauma causes severe local pain of an acute nature, especially when touched.
  3. Infectious cause - in addition to pain, there is a burning sensation, swelling of the testicles and scrotum is possible.
  4. If there is a problem with the vessels, then in addition to pain, sometimes there is some numbness of the tissues in the right or left testicle. A lack of blood supply can result in tissue necrosis.
  5. Systemic diseases are characterized by pain with "recoil". Oncology, prostatitis, pathologies of the urethra, large intestine have dull pain symptoms, radiating to the sacrum, anal region, inner side of the thigh.

Important!If the pain radiates to the groin, stomach, then this may be a sign of both normal overexcitation and a pathological process. In this case, the man should pay attention to additional signs in order to start treatment as early as possible.

Pathological causes of pain

Sexually active men rarely experience the symptom of testicular pain after arousal. However, if there is a sign, the following pathologies may appear:

  • Education in the reproductive system (malignant, benign);
  • Infection of the vas deferens (bacterial, non-bacterial);
  • Varicocele;
  • Torsion of the spermatic cord;
  • Scrotal injuries.

Let's look at the reasons why eggs hurt from overexcitation:

  1. Varicose veinsin the area of ​​the lobe plexus (varicocele) leads to stagnation of blood. Consequence - the required amount of nutrients is not supplied to the tissues of the small pelvis, the accumulating sperm cells gradually die off.
  2. pathological causes of testicular pain
  3. Torsion of the spermatic cordis ​​another non-pathological cause. Torsion also delays the supply of nutrients, causing the testicle to ache. In this case, immediate assistance should be provided, otherwise the egg may atrophy.
  4. Groin trauma.Severe bruising leads to tissue inflammation, accumulation of blood and fluid. A hematoma causes unpleasant and painful sensations when touched, and in order to determine if an egg is touched, you should immediately consult a specialist.
  5. Long term overexcitationbrings very serious problems. A brain signal to the pituitary gland forces testosterone into the bloodstream in a large volume, the corpus cavernosum fill up, and an erection appears. The absence of a normal act, the reluctance of the partner makes the process of excitement long and the vessels thicken. The walls of blood vessels put pressure on the muscles and nerve endings, the man becomes physically hurt. The condition can only be alleviated by ejection of semen.
  6. Abstinenceis ​​another cause of testicular pain. Sexually mature male organs constantly produce sperm, their accumulation leads to necrosis, decomposition of spermatozoa. The tension may subside, but the high functionality of the testicles does not allow the excess sperm to dissolve quickly. The shell of the organs expands, because the eggs hurt from abstinence.

Having understood why the eggs hurt in men when excited, it should be remembered that in some patients, an increase in testosterone levels leads to a process without additional reasons. To relieve symptoms, you should establish a regular sex life.

If the symptoms persist, the doctor prescribes examination and therapy. The condition of the prostate and testicles is assessed. Palpation often causes an exacerbation of the symptom, and together with the collection of anamnesis and instrumental studies, the diagnosis will be more accurate.

Important!If a man's eggs hurt from overexcitation and the symptoms cannot be relieved by an act, self-medication is strictly not allowed. Only an experienced specialist will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment method. In case of torsion, delay and alternative methods will lead to the death of the gland.

Ways to eliminate pain sensations

Of course, there are a lot of techniques for ascetics, there are exercises for celibate vows, and so on. But for a normal man it is enough to establish a sexual life, ending each contact with ejaculation and the pain will pass. The period of subsiding of the syndrome is 4-6 hours. If a pathology is detected, the problem is eliminated only with the help of doctors.

Tip!If the testicles hurt often, but there is no normal ejaculation, then a simple exercise to relieve tension and normalize blood flow in the pelvic organs will help: squats, jogging, brisk walking, swimming - all this will help to establish blood supply and relieve pain.