Increased potency in men after 50 years

Fifty is a wonderful age for men. In this segment of life, they are still young, active and ready for new achievements, while they have decent experience in various fields, are smart and have achieved a lot in life. But this wonderful period can be overshadowed by problems in the sexual sphere. How to increase potency after 50 years and continue to enjoy life in all its manifestations, we will consider in this article in detail.

How sexual arousal occurs

The most powerful erogenous zone in men is the brain. It is there that the erection takes its beginning. In response to visual or auditory stimulation, smell or fantasy, the male body triggers an erection mechanism, which goes through certain stages:

  1. Stimulus.A picture on a monitor or a languid voice in a telephone receiver, and the ventromedial cortex is already starting work in the entire brain and actively collecting data from the senses to decide whether this object is suitable for causing desire or not.
  2. Emotions.It is under their influence that so much unexpected happens . . . In the temporal areas the amygdala is located, which is responsible for the emotional coloring of the situation and is closely connected with those parts of the brain that control motivation and decision-making. The quality of the upcoming sex depends on this stage, and during masturbation it is skipped.
  3. Motivation.The object is identified, emotions are connected, it's time to get down to business. At this stage, the body of men begins to act and produces a special substance that serves as a conductor for impulses generated by nerve cells. This is not its only function. Thanks to this neurotransmitter, a person is ready to immediately go to the source of the emerging pleasure (and not necessarily of a sexual nature).
  4. Physiological reactions.Now it's the turn of the body to get involved in the work - acceleration of heart rate, respiration, pressure surge, release of hormones, increased blood circulation in the pelvic organs, the onset of an erection. Visible processes are the final of complex and teamwork of all body systems.

Which potency is normal at 50

Potency after fifty

In sexology, the concept of "normality" is rather arbitrary. If you take the medical literature, then the time taken as a standard for sexual intercourse will vary from a few minutes to half an hour or more. This is not a complete "session of love and passion" with foreplay and preliminary games, but directly from the moment of insertion of the penis until the onset of orgasm.

At any age, what is normal for one man is an unattainable record for another. Each has its own sexual constitution, the level of sensitivity of nerve endings, the ability to keep oneself under control. Therefore, you need to focus exclusively on personal indicators. If for specific people intercourse of 7-10 minutes was normal throughout their lives, it is not worth expecting that in men after 50 years of age it will develop into hour-long marathons. But a significant decrease in duration should be alarming.

The same is true for the number of sexual encounters. Some established adult couples who have experienced a period of increased interest in each other still cannot imagine life without daily sex, while others, even in the most acute moments of falling in love, devoted themselves to bed pleasures 1-2 times a week or even less. Do not lose sight of the fact that with age, mutual intimate attraction "burns out". But if the desire has completely disappeared or has significantly decreased, you need to pay attention to this.

Why does the potency decrease in men after 50 years?

Difficulties with the appearance and manifestation of arousal in men can be explained by psychological reasons or have completely bodily reasons. For many men in our country, this age is an unspoken barrier separating them from old age. On this basis, it is quite possible to earn psychogenic erectile dysfunction, subconsciously simply persuading your body that young fun is no longer up to it. In addition, the following can cause difficulties during intercourse:

  1. Vascular diseases;
  2. Diabetes mellitus;
  3. Heart disease;
  4. Lack of testosterone;
  5. Infectious diseases;
  6. Pathologies of the reproductive and urinary systems;
  7. Hormonal disruptions, endocrine disorders;
  8. Disorders in the brain and spinal cord;
  9. Smoking, alcohol, drug use;
  10. Injuries and operations on the organs of the small pelvis, perineum.

Lifestyle is of great importance, male potency after 50 is sensitive to an unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, and excess weight. In order to completely eliminate the causes of an organic nature, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination.

Often the cause of the extinction of sexual activity in men after 50-60 years is menopause, during which the hormonal sphere begins to fade, the level of testosterone falls, which is responsible for the desire and ability to have an active sex life. Unlike female menopause, male menopause can be almost asymptomatic, but changes still affect potency.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Diagnosis of erythylic dysfunction

If problems in sexual life have become systematic and bother a man, you should definitely see a doctor. It is strictly forbidden to prescribe treatment yourself, relying on the advice or medical history of friends. This approach is especially dangerous for men after 50, as it allows you to skip the onset of diseases and completely lose the opportunity to have sexual intercourse.

Diagnostic steps:

1. Tests and questionnaires.
Developed by andrologists and urologists, these materials allow a more reliable, accurate and complete display of the clinical picture of the disorder. Often, when they come to the appointment, men are nervous, want to finish the examination as soon as possible and forget or hesitate to talk in detail about how erectile dysfunction manifests itself. Answering questions can help the doctor obtain the information he needs for further testing. This step is optional.

2. Erectile dysfunction assessment
To make a diagnosis, you must provide the doctor with information about:

  • how long ago difficulties began in the implementation of sexual intercourse;
  • what they are (lack of libido, aversion to sexual themes, premature ejaculation, etc. );
  • how sharply the symptoms showed up;
  • how quickly they get worse;
  • how much erection, time and quality of intercourse, orgasm, amount of semen have changed;
  • what function does the partner play in the sex life.

3. Assessment of the psychosocial situation

4. Taking anamnesis:

  • The presence of chronic diseases, how long have they been diagnosed, what drugs the man is taking;
  • What kind of life does a man lead (regime, bad habits);
  • The presence of mental or genetic diseases;
  • Past infections (including genital);
  • Information about operations, trauma, radiation exposure, chemotherapy;

5. Actual physical examinationof the whole body and genitals, rectal;

6. Laboratory and apparatus tests(general clinical blood and urine tests, sugar analysis, testosterone tomogram, ultrasound, venous blood flow, etc. ).

Depending on the doctor's suspicions, the set of tests and other examinations will be hung up, for example, if there is a suspicion of malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, endocrine studies, etc. may be prescribed.

Potency restoration at 50

Restoration of potency

At the modern level of medicine, it is possible to maintain men's health and sexual capabilities until very old age, and for men after 50 years, the most important thing is not to put an end to this area of ​​life with your own hands. Much in this matter depends on genetics, but the habits of smoking a pack of cigarettes daily or often sitting at the screen with beer can ruin even the most generous gift of nature.

It is important to closely monitor your health, pay attention to deviations from the usual duration of sexual intercourse or the peculiarities of its course and analyze them. If you have systematic disorders or other warning signs, seek qualified medical attention right away. Today, the most commonly used for the treatment of impotence are:

  1. drugs to increase the level of sex hormones;
  2. drugs to improve blood circulation;
  3. dietary supplements, complexes of male vitamins, fortifying and sedative drugs;
  4. hardware vacuum massage;
  5. erectile rings.

Often these tools are used in combination to achieve faster and better results. In more advanced cases, when pills and injections do not help, they are helped to restore an erection:

  1. microsurgical revascularization;
  2. venous surgery of the penis;
  3. endophaloprosthetics.

You should not also neglect home methods when restoring and maintaining potency, and you need to start with restructuring your lifestyle in a healthier way: review your eating habits, connect sports, give up harmful excesses. This process takes more time and effort than just swallowing a pill, but the health and sexual performance is worth it. It will not be superfluous to use folk recipes to increase potency: teas, infusions, decoctions, vitamin mixtures.

Use of pharmacy products

An increase in potency in men after 50 can be achieved by relaxing smooth muscles and increased blood flow to the pelvic organs, increasing the natural synthesis of testosterone, reducing the level of female sex hormones, a general strengthening and tonic effect. It is not easy to figure out on your own in these nuances and what kind of drug will be effective in a particular case. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a specialized doctor.

Features of potency of men over 50

In order for an erection to persist after 50 years, it is necessary to understand that it is influenced by much more external and internal factors than in younger years. At the physiological level, it will help to support:

  1. A balanced diet that includes meat, dairy products, fish and seafood, herbs, spices, nuts, honey, cereals, fruits, vegetables.
  2. General physical activity, especially strength.
  3. Get enough productive sleep.
  4. Taking vitamin complexes.
  5. Minimum stress and emotional overload.

The relationship between partners in a pair affects potency. How trusting and frank they are. Regular conflicts or life in the "each by himself" mode does not contribute to harmony in the intimate sphere.

If in youth it was enough to see the object of your adoration in underwear, then with age it is not enough to achieve an erection. This is especially true for those couples who have been together for more than a dozen years and have learned each other by heart and, possibly, are bored. This time is a great period to bring a new spirit into your life and try something new:

  • Unusual places (hotel, someone else's apartment);
  • Role-playing games;
  • Toys for adults, various lubricants;
  • Viewing erotic films, magazines;
  • Unusual underwear.
  • New techniques and poses.

Each couple may need to choose something that suits their moral standards and temperament and expand the horizons of their sexual life. Sometimes such surges are enough for a man to have an erection and desire again.

If you do not wait for the beginning of the extinction of sexual function, but work ahead of schedule, then the loss of erection for men after 50 years will not threaten for a long time. A responsible attitude will not only preserve sexual strength, but also improve overall health and quality of life. At any age you can remain energetic, cheerful, full of strength and desires, including erotic ones.