Do men have a G-spot

Shrouded in mystery, magical, touching G-spot for men. It's time to compose a poem!

Where is point g?

From a medical point of view, everything looks much more prosaic. This coveted male point is nothing more than the prostate gland. Anatomy is a science that does not tolerate approximation, puts everything in its place.

The mystery point is between the anus and the testicles, under the bladder. No romance. And yet, a partner who wants to give her boyfriend maximum pleasure will try to find this cherished place and will caress him with tenderness and accuracy.

Male Orgasm

The male orgasm has two stages. The first is emission. The fluid produced by the glands is discharged into the urethra of the prostate, where it mixes with the incoming sperm and prepares to exit. This happens within a few seconds, but it brings great bliss to the man.

Sex therapists have even coined a name - the inevitability of ejaculation. The second stage is the moment of compression of the sphincter. At this time, the passage of semen into the bladder is blocked. Muscle contractions are still taking place, and they help to expel the sperm outside.

Prostate stimulation

During stimulation of the male point, the woman is required to be extremely careful and hygienic, since various microorganisms are in the rectum. It's a good idea to wear latex gloves and use a lubricant gel. You can get closer to the point by slowly introducing your finger into your partner's anus.

This should be done with clean hands, in spite of gloves, with short-cut nails to avoid injuring the sensitive mucous membrane. The partner should be absolutely relaxed, which is achieved only with his full consent to such a procedure and complete trust in his beloved. In case of tightness, he will experience pain, since the sphincter will close, and there can be no talk of any romance.

To the touch, this erogenous zone is quite easy, a thickening on the side of the pubis is felt under the fingers, this is explained by the spherical shape of the prostate, and by the reaction of a friend, the girl will always understand that the result has been achieved. The pose of the couple is of great importance. The man should lie on his back, and the partner is located between his legs apart. It will be convenient if the guy puts one leg on the girl's shoulder. It is necessary to massage the ji point slowly, allowing your partner to enjoy the moment. Men who have experienced an orgasm, thanks to the efforts of their loved ones, mark it as unforgettable and vivid.

Finding the male G-spot

In addition to internal effects on the prostate, there is also external

A woman can press with her fingertips on her partner's crotch. It gives him pleasure too. In any case, the prostate gland plays a critical role in a man's arousal and orgasm. It is believed that stimulation of the prostate can increase the moment of sweet tension over time. And pressure on the prostate causes an orgasm even without intercourse. Indeed, G is the main arousal point in men.

This does not mean that there are no other erogenous zones on the male body, but there is no such effect from any of them. The scrotum is also a place of accumulation of receptors, as well as the anus and perineum, but the bundle of nerves and blood vessels that surrounds the prostate cannot be compared. This determined the main erogenous zone of men.

Some men only learn about prostate massage when faced with prostate inflammation

The urologist prescribes for them, as a very effective remedy for chronic prostatitis, prostate massage. It is performed in a medical facility, the doctor always massages the gland with gloves. Point massage solves several problems - this is venous outflow, and an increase in the tone of the gland, and this is the outflow of secretions due to the cleansing of the glands.

At home, you can also perform a wellness massage of the G-spot. Besides erotica, there are also medical indications. Here the partners no longer act as lovers, but as a patient and a doctor. But you should not prescribe a massage course yourself. Such recommendations should be given by a urologist, knowing the course of his patient's illness.

Point G was discovered in 1950 by German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg. Named after him.