Sexual arousal in men: how to understand that the partner is excited

Sexual relations are an important part of the lives of healthy men. Sexual arousal in men, may occur under the influence of various factors: the appearance of women, of erotic touch, memories of a past intimacy. Sexual response of the stronger sex is a complex of physiological and emotional outbursts, which eventually needs to trigger an orgasm.

arousal men

Signs of arousal in men

Sexual arousal is the reaction of the human body for sexual stimulation. Its strength and duration depends on a hormonal background, health, anthropological features (height, hair color).

Emerging desire in its manifestations reminiscent of stress:

  • quickens the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat;
  • pupils dilate;
  • change the voice and behavior;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • there is the muscle tension;
  • appear on the skin tingling;
  • increases salivation.

In men the main symptom of sexual desire is penile erection. Blood flow is several times increases the length and the diameter of the body. The increase in length is an individual measure, small part in the process of erection increases stronger. He straightens up and becomes solid. The changes contribute to the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

With the transition to the vicinity of the excitation of the men increases, and with it all the reactions of the body. Increases heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Rhythmic friction member on the walls of the vagina is a powerful stimulus.

For prolongation of sexual intercourse, it is recommended to suspend frictions, to relieve the tension. Erectum on the penis there is discharge, which should not be feared. It predomina liquid, plays an important role in ensuring conception.

Orgasm – peak of pleasure, this is the shortest time of sexual reactions, lasting only a few seconds. He is accompanied by the eruption of the seed. In men, shrinking of the muscles of the body, may spontaneously break different sounds, a sense of euphoria.

An ejaculation occurs through the rhythmic contractions of smooth muscles. It begins with small portions, gradually increasing the volume of semen. After the first shock is nothing to prevent the man to finish the ejaculation. Each release is accompanied by sexual pleasure, especially in the area of the head and body of the penis.

After orgasm the body returns to normal. The muscles relax, the outflow of blood from the penis, and the organ decreases in size. Comes refractory period, in which a man is not excited even when the physical effects on the penis.

Phase refraction is the time required for males to recover before a new erection. It has no certain duration and may last from several minutes to hours. With age the gap increases. The angle of elevation of the member in most cases makes up 60-90 degrees. The maximum peak for 20 years, and after 50 angle decreases.

lubrication when excited

Selection for men when excited

Transparent sticky discharge from erect penis is a normal physiological process. Lubrication in men, the excitation occurs via pre-ejaculate. This sticky, colorless liquid comes out through the urethra in preparation for sexual intercourse or during Masturbation.

A source of lubricant are Cooper' cancer. Their secretions contain many enzymes and mucus.

Transparent secret performs several functions:

  • isolates urine in the urethra;
  • partially neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina;
  • lubricates the urethra for passage of sperm;
  • highlight facilitate painless sexual intercourse.

Lubrication different men varies considerably in volume. It can range from a few drops to 5 ml and more. The main purpose of pre-ejaculate is to prepare a favorable environment for sperm. predomina fluid neutralizes the acidity of the vagina, increasing the survival rate of sperm and chances of conception.

Partners preferring the interruption of sexual intercourse for contraception, the question arises about the probability to get pregnant when hit grease. Studies of the composition of pre-ejaculate showed that seed in him. But with repeated intercourse in a selection get the remains of sperm remaining in the urethra.

The lack or excessive quantity of lubricant in men does not affect their sexual relationship. Any manifestation individually, there is no strict template to which you want to fit in. Enjoy intimacy without fear and prejudice.

One of the types of "lubrication" to the head of the penis is smegma. These allocations are not related to sexual arousal. White pingue substance facilitates the movement of the head of the penis when you exit the foreskin. But a large accumulation of smegma' causes inflammation of the skin of the penis and other troubles. To avoid this, you must daily wash away smegma.

How to get a man

Libido of a man depends on many factors. If the period of his youth, he gets off on the thought of reach, with age, this is not enough.

To increase libido of the woman will need specific releasers or stimuli. In nature, males laid a visual evaluation, so make alluring poses to excite men, wear seductive underwear, dissolve hair. The view of naked female bodies, signs of desire from the partner also contributed to the emergence of a retaliatory impulse.

To cause the initiation of a strong sex help different stimuli:

  • hearing;
  • visual;
  • olfactory;
  • tactile;
  • erotic fantasies, movies, and more.
how to get a man

To approach the awakening of sexual desire in men need individually. To do this is to study his habits and preferences in music, food, scents, etc. help Enhance libido aphrodisiac, it could be spices, food, drinks, scented oils.

Among the recognized pathogens of sexual activity: nuts, seafood, wine, herbs, greens, fruits. The smell of patchouli oil enhances sensuality and the production of testosterone. Young people will appreciate the smell of oil of Mandarin, verbena or cedar, partner of Mature age fit juniper or sandalwood.

Before preparing a romantic evening with aroma lucerna is necessary to find out whether the choice of Allergy to cooked aphrodisiac.

For some men the word can be a powerful motivating factor. Certain phrases from the veiled hint of intimacy to outright lust cause partners sexual activity. Straightness will be suitable in dealing with the familiar object of passion, and conversations about sexuality or praise appearance will appeal to any man.

Touches of different intensity – a direct way to excite the partner. The monotony is detrimental to sexual activity, to attract a desirable man a woman would have to resort to experiments.

You can start with relaxing massage, gradually covering the various erogenous zones and points. Touching the breast and nipple having a strong floor no less than women. Give the person the full range of sensation from a gentle stroking and kissing to biting.

Don't miss the back and buttocks – here's an easy massage could end up stroking the sensitive nails.

Inner thighs are another source of pleasure for men, gentle or hard touch choose their own partners. For foreplay you need to use not only hands and lips, but also the whole body. Belly men one of the most erogenous zones. His exploration of the language gets a real pleasure. The proximity of the partner from the penis, longing and anticipation will quickly lead to an erection.

The penis is an erogenous zone for every man, its stimulation will lead to the peak of bliss. The most sensitive and delicate part of the body – the head. Of touch and stimulation her tongue will force your partner to forget about everything. After examining the most sensitive point men, you will be able to give him real pleasure.

Stimulant drugs

Why men have reduced sexual activity? Answers to this question can be many: stress, illness, age, fatigue and other reasons.

Pills for men to arouse sexual desire perfectly cope with the problem. They should appoint a expert, after clarification of all details of loss of libido.

The effects of excitation without discharge

Sexual arousal always ends in sexual intercourse. The body is prepared for discharge to an orgasm, it remains in the overexcited condition. If such situations are one-off, there is nothing to fear, health and potency, they don't.

discomfort with no discharge

What feels a man when excited without discharge:

  • discomfort or pain in the testicles, slight swelling;
  • discomfort in the penis;
  • tingling in the back of the head;
  • pain in the lower abdomen.

Of these symptoms deserves special attention, testicle pain. This organ is important for men's health. He is responsible for the production of testosterone and sperm. If the sexual organs are healthy, the discomfort will disappear after 4 hours.

Pain in the testicles can be a sign of disease. If you change their size, density or the pain became sharp and strong, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Libido is an important part of sexual life. When excited, men are better to apply several methods, alternating sequence. This will give a great result.