Increasing potency in men with folk remedies

how to increase potency with folk remedies

An active sex life brings physical and moral satisfaction, increases self-esteem, is good for health, therefore the male part of the population takes questions of potency very seriously. One of the most frequent requests on the Internet is to search for information and answer the questions: how to increase potency in men with folk remedies, as well as in what ways to improve an erection at home.

Pharmacy chains and intimate goods stores to choose from offer many developments of the pharmaceutical industry, the main purpose of which is to improve sex and potency in men. Various sites are full of advertisements for miraculous drugs with a dubious composition, which promise valiant prowess plus a strong erection until old age.

The experience of ancestors accumulated and tested over centuries makes it possible to experience recipes for increasing sexual function from the field of traditional medicine. It is not easy to understand a wide range of different methods and means, and this article will help men systematize basic information, which will improve the quality of sex in simple and affordable folk ways.

Reasons for decreasing potency

According to surveys, about 75% of men aged 23 and over suffer from psychogenic erectile dysfunction. We are talking about those types of decrease in the quality of sexual life due to insufficiently strong erection, which are not caused by the presence of serious pathologies that require medical intervention. Knowledge and timely elimination of the causes of decreased male potency is the most reliable way to avoid difficulties associated with sex.

External causes

An abundance of stress, fatigue, unhealthy diet, bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, obsessive male fear of being an insolvent lover, have a significant impact on a man's potency.

Timely identification of negative effects and their elimination will help to strengthen potency and improve the quality of intimate life. It is possible to correct the negative influence of external causes with folk remedies, without resorting to the help of a specialist and without overusing pills.

Individual features

causes of decreased potency in men

For the majority of representatives of the strong half of humanity, an important point is the satisfaction of a sex partner.

It is not uncommon for men to have good potency, erection comes on time, but the duration of intercourse is too short for a woman to reach orgasm. In this case, you can recommend methods aimed at increasing endurance, as well as using drugs that prolong the time of lovemaking.

Simple methods of increasing potency

The reasons described below can be easily corrected using folk methods and make it possible to understand how to increase potency in men at home.

Elimination of external causes

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle for male sexual dysfunctions are paramount. Most of the techniques and popular advice relate specifically to the issues of proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits, and the need for physical activity. Compliance with these simple recommendations will enhance potency without resorting to the help of a specialist in such a delicate matter, using available means.


Food can be of significant help and increase male strength in a natural way. The ability to have a full-fledged sexual intercourse, the brightness of sensations, and the quality of male semen directly depend on what products form the basis of the diet.

What must be on the table for men who want to raise their sexual energy?

  • Fish and seafood.The content in these products of useful amino acids and trace elements that increase the production of the main male hormone testosterone, makes them an indispensable component of the diet for those who want to increase potency. Sea fish and shellfish are especially useful.
  • Honey.This natural product contains nutrients that increase endurance and improve sperm quality. It is part of many popular recipes to improve erectile function. Some types of honey are enriched with additional components of beekeeping. The content of bee bread or royal jelly can turn this affordable remedy into a real cure for impotence.
  • herbs to increase potency
  • Nuts.The essential oils contained in them are considered recognized aphrodisiacs, therefore they can significantly increase potency. Honey-flavored nuts are a well-known folk remedy with beneficial properties. The components of this composition are able to increase sexual arousal in the shortest possible time, and, as an additional bonus, provide enough energy for long-term lovemaking. This mixture, as a way to increase potency, has been widely used since ancient times.
  • Meat.The protein contained in meat products cannot be replaced with other foods. Essential amino acids are needed for the proper functioning of the reproductive system and ensure the maintenance of hormones at the required level. Popular wisdom also advises to eat more meat products in order to be able to boast of strong male health.
  • Vegetables and fruits.Needed to obtain vitamins and minerals that increase sperm production, increasing its quality. Onions, tomatoes, turnips are the most beneficial for men's health. Among the fruits recognized as leaders in increasing sexual activity, citrus fruits are the palm. By enriching your diet with enough vegetables, eating fruits can increase your sexual potential.
  • Eggs.This affordable product allows you to get healthy protein, and when used wisely, it prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol. The circulatory system fully provides the body with blood and oxygen, including the main male dignity.
  • Herbs and condiments.By consuming large amounts of natural and dried greens, they raise testosterone levels in the body. In addition, the antioxidants found in the green of plants are able to prolong youthfulness by improving the processes of cell renewal.

The inclusion of foods from the list in the daily diet will help avoid problems associated with potency, increase desire and help a man establish a full-fledged sex life. In addition, most of the components of proper nutrition will be a good prevention of excess weight, which negatively affects libido and the quality of sex.

Active Supplements

Recognized folk remedies that can increase potency are tinctures of ginseng and eleutherococcus. Extracts from these unique plants are able to prolong youth and sexual longevity to a ripe old age. Simple folk recipes, which include these funds, do not require a lot of time and money to prepare them, therefore any man can enhance potency with their help.

You should not get carried away unnecessarily with drugs that can be bought at a pharmacy.

The desire of men to increase potency with the help of chemical additives can threaten with unpleasant consequences. Some of them are addictive, most drugs have limitations and contraindications to their use, and some are just a cheap advertising gimmick, without affecting potency.

In case of special need, only a qualified doctor will give advice on which tablets can be used. Solving problems not related to pathological processes can be entrusted with simple folk methods.


Good potency is directly related to physical activity. By increasing the blood flow to the pelvic organs, you can avoid stagnation and prevent the development of dangerous diseases of the genitourinary system. Muscle training is good for the endurance needed for long intercourse.

Special sets of exercises for men, if performed regularly, are an effective method of combating premature ejaculation. A bonus with constant training will be a toned body, which in itself is attractive to women.

It will be useful to master Kegel training. Conscious muscle control will allow you to regulate the level of erection, enhance the sensations during intercourse, and in general will help increase potency. The advantages of these workouts are the ability to perform them anywhere, no one will see the invisible tension of intimate muscles.

Getting rid of bad habits

methods of increasing potency in men

Addiction to alcohol and nicotine leads to blockage of blood vessels, a decrease in their tone and increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. The potential of heavy smokers is at risk, and the tar and heavy chemical elements contained in cigarettes can cause serious sexual dysfunction.

This is due to the narrowing of blood vessels, including those feeding the penis, due to which the filling with blood occurs very slowly and in insufficient volume for a strong erection. It is very difficult to increase potency while continuing to abuse bad habits.

Stress Management

Trouble happens to every person, you need to learn to cope with them, not allowing stress factors to cause discord in your sex life. Various techniques soothing breathing, auto-training, relaxation can reduce the harmful effects of psychogenic stress on the body and increase potency.

Whenever possible, a man should avoid conflicts, spend more time in nature, and surround himself only with positive-minded people.

A good folk remedy for quickly reducing stress levels, and at the same time training for blood vessels, is a contrast shower. The alternation of hot and cold water flows soothes the nerves and tones the body. Even the ancient Greeks noticed, "in a healthy body - a healthy mind. "

Adjustment of individual characteristics

As for the correction of the causes that relate to the characteristics of the body and are associated with the quality of an erection or its retention, local application can help. Ointments, gels, sprays, and drops to enhance blood flow to the penis are widespread among men.

You can choose from an enlarging, cooling, or flavored composition.

folk remedies to increase potency

The use of such products is a good alternative to a popular drug. The means that improve erection in a matter of minutes are safe, not addictive, can be applied by a man at the right time and act very quickly. These funds do not have a complex effect on the body, allowing you to simply control the potency if necessary.

The field of folk remedies to enhance potency can be attributed to the choice of positions in which it is easier to maintain an erection. By choosing positions in which increased blood flow to the penis is possible, you can easily adjust the duration of the event. For example, the choice of the "man on top" pose significantly enhances blood circulation, and as a bonus allows you to get additional excitement from the contemplation of your partner.

Following these simple tips and using folk methods at home will allow you to enjoy a pleasant process for many years without much effort, providing an opportunity to increase male potential without chemistry.