What foods increase potency?

food products that increase potency

Today, a huge number of men suffer from problems with potency, which is largely due to the poor environmental situation. Therefore, now not only men over 50, but also young guys face this ailment.

Of course, when each new problem arises, not everyone is in a hurry to read to stuff themselves with "chemistry" and tries to find a more environmentally friendly solution. In this case, they are considered natural aphrodisiacs, which can increase potency and solve the problem of erection.

Additionally, potency products can be used as a preventive measure in order to further eliminate the appearance of problems in this area.

The diet of a real man

It has long been noticed that some items of the diet have a beneficial effect on the sexual function of a man and he begins to "magically" transform.

In Europe, these were considered walnuts and raw eggs, which any medicine man recommended to patients with infertility or sick simplicity.

In the East, these properties were attributed to snake blood, rhino horns and some reproductive organs of animals.

Modern medicine no longer uses observation, but uses only accurate data and research indications in its statements. So, it was found that the reproductive function does not need some incredible and exotic products, and most often it simply does not have enough vitamins A and E. In addition, for the normal secretion of hormones, vitamin B is needed. To the positive properties of the latter, an increased increase is awardedconduction of nerve channels, allowing you to relax the body and thoughts, and subsequently normalize the function of the reproductive system.

Correct menu

Despite the strong reluctance of many men to eat plant foods, many doctors answer, it is simply necessary to do so. First of all, they often contain a larger amount of vitamins necessary for the synthesis of proteins. In addition, this allows you not to gain weight, leading in the future to diabetes. It is this disease in 20% of cases that leads to disorders of sexual function.

Additional information regarding which foods increase male potency is that they should contain zinc, magnesium, potassium and sulfur. In many situations, the main problem for an erection is spasms and pain caused by muscle tension. You can remove them by the presence of carbohydrates and creatine, which are most easily found in meat products.

From this it becomes clear that you should normalize your diet and you should not neglect any type of product if a person wants to have a normal erection.

What to choose?

As already mentioned, you should focus on the ingredients of plant origin.

nuts as a means of improving potency

So, products affecting the potency of men are represented by the following list:

  1. Walnuts.The most famous and commonly used aphrodisiac that every man should take. Often, doctors recommend their patients to increase the amount of this product in the diet;
  2. Peanuts.Has similar properties, but the concentration of vitamin A in it is slightly lower. However, if a person replaces the walnut representatives with them, there will be nothing wrong with that;
  3. Pistachios.Probably the most delicious representative of this family. As a preventive measure, it is enough to eat up to 100 grams of these nuts per day.

Do not forget about fruits, which are sometimes so lacking in the male body. Among them it is best to choose:

  • figs,
  • pomegranate,
  • citrus fruits.

Some scientists have proven that grapes and, as a result, wine can also get rid of this kind of problem.

Interestingly enough, one of the strongest aphrodisiacs is simple garlic.

It is for this reason that since ancient times every man had to eat one head at a time with the main course to prove his strength. There is also an interesting legend about onions, whose effect on male libido has been known since the days of ancient Rome. It was he who was forbidden to use by the monks who gave a celibate dinner, since his taste led them into the arms of Venus.

Another famous psychologist was able to prove that plain rye bread can be included in products that increase potency in men. This also included mushrooms, pumpkin seeds and even nettles. Despite the fact that the latter seems inedible to many people, its burning secret has been used in medicine for more than one millennium. Now, nettle is sold as an infusion that can increase male strength and facilitate the process of recovery from these diseases.

Dairy and fermented milk products are an integral part of the diet of any healthy person. They are necessary not only for the normal functioning of the body, but also part of their action is directed specifically at sexual function. For this reason, you shouldn't avoid:

  1. Cheese;
  2. Curd;
  3. Cream.

Folk dishes to increase potency

recipes for folk remedies to improve potency

These are special instructions where products useful for potency are combined with each other and ultimately give an incredible effect. They need to be added to your menu periodically to be a good lover.

In one country, if a man had problems in such a delicate area, he was offered a dish of bovine or lamb eggs, stewed with onions. Do not think that this is some kind of ritual. It has been proven that they really have an amazing effect on sexual function, and fried onions can increase the effect several times. It is worth listening to the advice of the mountaineers, who have long been famous for their longevity.

There are still a huge number of recipes from France, where, as you know, the "city of love" is located. They mainly contain seafood such as oysters, mussels, shrimp, crayfish, lobster and red fish. These ingredients contain the amount of zinc and selenium that the body needs to release testosterone. Even the world famous lover ate 50 oysters every day, thanks to which he became famous for his love affairs, which lasted up to 39 years.

For dessert lovers, there is also some good news - it has been found that hot chocolate can replace a number of aphrodisiacs. This delicious delicacy is loved not only by children, but also by adults, and with the advent of such news, they began to cook it even more often.

We must not forget about salads, without which no holiday is complete. Their preparation requires little effort and has long been proven to prevent obesity and cardiovascular problems. For those who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, it is worth understanding that if you add cilantro, spinach or celery to them, then they become incredibly useful for potency. When a salad is prepared using mackerel, this can also affect conception, since the fish, entering the body, begins to provoke increased semen production. In this case, an increase in sperm activity can be seen on the spermogram.

If you wish, you should add mayonnaise to a salad or any dish - a representative of dairy products. Thanks to him, the effect of proper nutrition will significantly increase, and, accordingly, the problem will go away much faster and easier.