How to increase the potency - ways

As you know, to build a harmonious relations between the representatives of male and female is based, among other things, on a regular and intimate life. For men at all times it was important to demonstrate their abilities at a sufficient level. Thus, any failure in bed can be a personal tragedy on a global scale.

how to increase the potency

On this issue, of course, there are many scientific research and many publications. In the broadest sense, the term "potency" refers to the Latin power, ability. Means the use of force in the applied character. Based on the foregoing, in this understanding, power, or potency, to mean the physical ability to participate in intercourse.

In the field of sexual intercourse potency is expressed in creating and sustaining voltage of the penis due to erection and subsequent ejaculation, that is, the process of ejaculation. Unlike the male body, such a thing is not inherent to the female genital organs. On the other hand, a man can maintain normal potency for a long period of his life. It is inherent to biological basics, and the disruption of this process likely related to the harmful influence of the environment and way of modern life.

Unfortunately, it just so happened that the potency is modern men are influenced by a variety of criteria.

Among such, which can lead to sexual disorders are the following:

  • the presence of stress and conflict;
  • commitment bad habits;
  • chronic physical fatigue;
  • psychological and others.

The lack of long time sexual encounters can also lead to disorders related to male potency. Especially, it may be detrimental in older men. Athletes, especially bodybuilders, who wish to obtain a beautiful torso and improve your athletic performance. Often turn to use of steroid drugs. The result will almost always be a serious deterioration in the ability to commit a sexual act.

In order to understand what is the solution to this question, how to increase the potency, we must not forget that the level of male power is affected by lifestyle and the presence of chronic diseases. Degenerative diseases of the venereal kind may significantly reduce the sexual libido. In cases of significant emotional arousal produced by an increased amount of testosterone, due to which a man may have the maximum level of potency.

What else could be the reasons for the decline in potency? Cardiovascular disease, overweight, diabetes can cause sexual disorders. And for most men the problem really lies in the weakening of the body, which is a consequence of the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, stress and a sedentary lifestyle. First things first, to increase the capabilities of your body in sexual terms, it is necessary to change the way of life. Sports activities have become a regular companion of man. Here we can talk about the usual morning exercises and activities in the gym, the pool, or at least jog.

With regards to addictions, with the aim to increase the potency, if not fully to deal with them, you should at least minimize the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. The fatigue can also be a cause of sexual dysfunction. If for several months no vacation then you should try to arrange at least a few days of rest. After all, vacation is a source of not only recuperation, but also receive stock of new bright impressions.

Products that increase potency in men

Now it is necessary to consider in detail the question of what foods increase the potency. The simplest tool would be, perhaps, natural coffee. However, we are talking about one Cup of brewed beverage. All subsequent negate the positive effects from the first.

Many products have the properties of aphrodisiacs, that is able to increase libido. But when we think about the potency, that is, to ensure normal blood flow in the region of the male sexual organ, in fact it is believed that the correct diet can work wonders.

ways to increase potency
  1. So, first, this variety of seafood. The reason is the fact that seafood is rich in zinc, and that, in turn, is a fundamental element for the formation of a potency. In them, as in meat or eggs contains a significant amount of protein, the use of which in food is also needed.
  2. Vegetables, fruit and herbs – a natural source of vitality of the body. Salads, dressed with oil, contain significant amounts of vitamins. Celery and parsley are excellent stimulant potency. Regular ingestion of large amounts of vegetables, such as garlic, carrots, turnips, onions, beets, beans, eggplant and sweet and hot peppers are able to exert a beneficial effect on the solution.
  3. Daily consumption of red meat with a significant amount of greenery. In addition, a positive impact on potency taking 2 glasses of tomato juice and a small amount of dry wine.
  4. Finally, nuts have traditionally been considered powerful stimulants of male power. Recommended for walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds. The intake of nuts should be dosed for individuals suffering from obesity.

Some traditional folk remedies are used to strengthen the potency of the additives. So, for example, will be very useful for a relaxing bath before bedtime. For taking a bath you want to brew a Bay leaf or color of daisies and the resulting infusion pour in hot water. Procedure should be performed with a duration of up to half an hour.

Folk remedies to increase potency

Interesting way how to increase the potency home remedies will be the following: preparing the drug-based tinctures ginseng or the sort of complex plants like Siberian ginseng. The scheme of use is this: half a glass of water on the first day drip 1 drop of tincture, which should stir and drink. Every day is added exactly 1 drop. The entire course will last for 28 days.

Aromatherapy, yoga and exercises to strengthen the potency will be useful for men of any age.

Of the exercises perfect the following:

  • squats. Strengthen the potency of sit-UPS of any kind, in particular it is possible to try squats on the fingertips, of course, if you have physical form;
  • another good exercise. Lie down on a horizontal surface, arms stretched along the body. To bend feet in knees and in a position to raise/lower the hips a little high;
  • the rise in the standing position with the heels on the socks;
  • sitting on a chair, to stretch the muscles of the anus, imagining that the chair is any groats and, as a cleaner, it is necessary to incorporate the fifth point. In this position, well strained groin muscle. The same exercise can be performed lying down in the bathroom.

Restorative procedures well known in the area as to increase potency, considered a contrast bath. So, this event will take 20-30 minutes, and the appropriate mindset. You need to take two containers, for example, two of the pelvis: one filled with hot, the other cold water. Alternately, omit the lower part of his body first in one basin, to another. The duration of immersion is approximately one minute. To do this you need 5-6 times. Not recommended this exercise in the presence of inflammatory processes.

Hot baths with mummy good to raise the tone of the body, including the potency level. For the bathroom will need water with a temperature of approximately 37 degrees, which is necessary to dissolve the crushed mummy in the amount of 10 grams. Within three weeks, at intervals through the day, take a bath lasting half an hour at a time.

The so-called Georgian method of increasing the potency suitable for those who already have some experience of hardening. This purpose take a pound of crushed ice and wrap it in several layers of cheesecloth. Obtained kom should be attached to various parts of the body: a minute to hold the back of the head, then a minute in the heart, and at the same time applied to the scrotum. The procedure can be repeated up to 5 times a day, but not recommended for people with inflammatory disease.

It is noteworthy that the methodology used in the training of astronauts, in terms of in-depth training of the ability to feel your own body. We will focus on this procedure as a dream in the filled bathtub. The procedure has lots of positive reviews. For this you need to recruit approximately three-quarters of the water in the bathroom, about room temperature. Next open the hot water, the thickness of a small stream. This is to ensure that the water is not cooled and thus ceased to be comfortable for the body. In addition, you should take precautions not to choke water if sleep will be possible. After that, be sure to turn off the overhead light (you can leave a lighted candle), close your eyes and try to sleep.


In today's world every adult person it is clear that potency is not just a way of procreation. The time of bringing pleasure to a woman has a deep psychological and emotional roots. Regular sex life is possible only with a normal level of potency. In turn, this life makes a man more confident in their own abilities, and viable force of his body increased many times.