Treatment potency in men: only the most effective methods

The desire and ability to commit a sexual act – the key to the continuation of the human race. So men need to be in good sexual shape and like his partner, as strong in the sexual sphere a man, as a rule, has a strong family and a good income. In reality, in some men, weak potency.

treatment potency

Problems with potency occur in men age, but sometimes at a young age. Such men can't pleasure their partner in bed. A woman usually stays with the person with whom it is not satisfied sexual life.

If men of bad virility, he was haunted by such feelings as fear, insecurity, feeling of inferiority with consequent nervous exhaustion. Let us consider the methods of treatment of potency in men from the point of view of their efficiency and health safety.

The treatment of male impotence possible when exposed from several sides:

  1. With the help of doctors.
  2. Through proper nutrition.
  3. By normalizing the lifestyle.

According to statistics, only 10% of men with impotence seek doctors. But it often happens that only a doctor can identify the cause of impotence, to normalize the sexual function of men.

Consult physician

The first thing to do with the reduction or disappearance of potency is to go to the doctor and start proper treatment. Problems should be resolved by the doctor, self-treatment can only do harm. If you trust your therapist, you can refer to it. The doctor assesses the situation in the complex, which takes into account the presence of chronic diseases. If there is a need for consultation with other specialists, the doctor will send to them. Doctors for counselling may be an endocrinologist, sexologist, psychotherapist.

Often need doctor urologist. It can identify problems, diagnose "erectile dysfunction" to help cure her. After accurate diagnosis you can begin treatment. If there are problems with the cardiovascular system, cause of the reduced potency, need to consult a cardiologist. Only a doctor can correctly adjust treatment, as some medications can have a negative influence on potency.

Widely used throughout the world, synthetic medications to improve sexual function and treat impotence. They are able to heal and to restore sexual potency in 80% of cases. They also should be appointed doctor, as in one case will help to cure impotence, another may bring additional challenges. For some men are more effective drugs of plant origin. They also cannot make themselves, they should appoint a doctor.

Useful items

If in men, weak potency, it is necessary to take vitamins that promote effective treatment. First of all, the vitamin E, which has the ability to protect germ cells. This vitamin promotes blood flow to the vessels of the penis. Another important vitamin is vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator. It protects the body from infections.

Important elements in the treatment of male potency are selenium and zinc. You can take the nutrients in the vitamin-mineral complexes can be of the foods.

Zinc and selenium in large quantities contained in foods such as pumpkin seeds, and currants. Some foods are aphrodisiacs that can increase desire in men and women. Official medicine they are not recognized as the solution to the problem of men with weak potency. But in everyday life it is well to show its effect.

Useful products are banana, celery, asparagus, ginger. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and therefore contribute to increasing sexual energy in men. Powerful aphrodisiac is ginseng. Weak potency is enhanced if make the drinks based on it. Ginseng is used to increase sexual arousal. It is believed that he is able to increase the number of germ cells in men. These same properties, and other spicy foods e.g. curry, chilli.


It is important that the lifestyle of men. Without establishing this area the treatment will be ineffective. Sometimes it is enough to throw bad habits, to lose weight and lose weight. If a man has a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work, this helps to reduce the blood supply to the pelvic organs, as a result of weak potency. Therefore it is necessary to move more. For enough after work to walk for about 15-20 minutes on foot.

proper nutrition

Today's pace of life makes every person to overload the nervous system. Stress contribute to the reduction of male potency. And maintaining a more active lifestyle is unlikely to bring back the man sexual strength. Stress can not only reduce sexual function, but also contribute to the increase in pressure, stroke, heart attack. If you can not deal with the emotional and mental stress, seek treatment to the therapist. The doctor will find the problem and help you to cope with it.

Pay special attention to prevention. The problem of reducing the potency is easier to prevent than to treat. Sleep well, lead an active lifestyle, eat right, eliminate alcohol, Smoking. Then man's power is healthy.