Increased potency in men after 50 - All about urology

The ability to engage a woman in sexual intercourse is not just a physiological function. For many men it is accompanied by serious psychological stress, is an affirmation of their masculinity, self-confidence and in their abilities. With age, sexual function of the male body diminishes. How to increase the potency after 50 years that, in addition to medicines, contribute to strengthening a poor erection how to solve this problem once and for all?

increased potency after 50

What is the potency

In Latin the word "potency" means "power". The desire and ability to commit a sexual act with a woman, expressed in penile erection in healthy men maintained until the end of life and plays a paramount psychological importance. What determines male libido, as the potency is affected by health problems, is it possible to be sexually active over the age of 60-70 years?

Older men more often faced with the need to increase the potency than young men of young or middle-aged. The age of greatest sexual activity of men account for between 20 and 50 years, then the desire is gradually on the decline. On the mechanism of occurrence and long-term retention of erection is influenced by several factors, most importantly their psychological and hormonal. Bringing these factors to normal, you can affect erectile function and increase potency no matter how many man years.

Potency in men in 50 years

In adulthood in the male body experiences a number of hormonal changes. Reduced potency after 50 years may be associated with decreased production of hormone testosterone, because the percentage of its content in the blood has a direct impact on men's sex drive. About the possible problems documented the following violations:

  • reduction or total loss of sexual desire, interest in women;
  • sluggish erection;
  • attenuation or disappearance of erection during intercourse;
  • reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse, or the inability to complete the act of ejaculation.

The causes of reduced potency in adulthood

To take action and increase the potency after the age of fifty years old, you need to understand that even more acutely by its reduction. The main factors can be divided into two groups psychological and physiological. Psychological include:

  • Stress, tense stressful job, chronic fatigue.
  • Difficulties in the relationship with the woman: lack of warmth.
  • The lack of confidence during communication with the opposite sex.
  • Long-term abstinence.

Root disease can also hide in the physiological reasons – the risk of impotence increases a number of the following diseases:

  • cardiovascular disease, malfunction of the heart or circulatory system;
  • inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system;
  • diseases of the brain and spinal cord;
  • lesions of the nervous system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • obesity.

Considerable influence on the ability of the penis for a healthy erection harmful habits, maintenance of unhealthy lifestyles:

  • Smoking affects blood vessels – the blood flow in the pelvic area and directly to the genitals may be broken.
  • The decay products of ethanol after alcohol consumption significantly reduce the production of sex hormones, slow down processes of the release of testosterone in the blood.
  • Drugs lower testosterone levels and may induce gene mutations.

Improper diet leading to significant weight gain and then to obesity leads to serious hormonal imbalance – excess fat "preprogramming" the endocrine system. Small amounts of testosterone produced by the prostate gland is converted into estrogen. Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle, low energy tone, decreased interest in life in General often lead to the fact that you want to restore erections in men after 50 years.

How to raise the potency after 50

General recommendations are as follows: get moving, start exercise, follow diet, avoid weight gain, give up bad habits or reduce Smoking and drinking of alcohol to minimum. Try to be calmer life difficulties, including difficulties with potency, especially if we are talking about full sexual dysfunction is a modern medicine can help combat impotence, to increase the duration of intercourse, the quality of the sensations in the process of having sex.

Funds from impotence

Erection problems at 50 years of age begin to experience many men. It is not necessary to despair and panic, to become an ascetic or to consider themselves inferior man due to the arising difficulties – there are a number of methods and means of coping with this difficulty. Visit a urologist and sexologist to identify the causes of poor or irregular erection, get advice about possible treatments. To help you come:

  • medicines in the form of capsules and ointments;
  • folk remedies;
  • medicinal plants and herbs;
  • a method of psychotherapy;
  • special physical exercises;
  • surgical methods of correction.

Modern pharmaceuticals offers men a whole range of drugs with pronounced androgenic effect which is achieved by increasing the erection in men after 50. These drugs:

  • line-phosphodiesterase inhibitors;
  • activators of the enzyme synthase;
  • alpha-adrenergic blockers.

Make the drugs of the first group without prescription no – they have some serious contraindications, and drink them only after the examination of the cardiovascular system. Differ in all three groups, the mechanism and duration of action. Although they have a rapid effect with a bad weak erection, taking these drugs does not solve the problem of low potency, and in some cases can exacerbate the difficulty – there is a psychological dependence, a deep conviction that no pill, nothing will happen.

Increased potency in a natural way

If a man has a weak erection after 50, there is a high probability that it will be possible to increase libido the natural way – with the help of natural aphrodisiacs, strong positive emotions, new loves. Doctors recommend not to get carried away by half measures, and to fight the causes of weak potency is to improve the quality of sexual life and relationships with your partner, go to active lifestyle, monitor blood pressure, diet and hormonal.

Kegel Exercise

One of the effective natural ways to increase erection after 50 years is the regular performance of Kegel exercises. Its essence boils down to training the pubic-coccygeal pelvic floor muscles by alternating contraction and relaxation. This exercise shows both men and women it helps to increase male potency, enhance libido and sexual sensation, prolong sexual intercourse up to the period of time of any duration. It can be done at any time, the improvements you will notice after 2-3 weeks of regular exercise.

exercises to increase potency

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies and natural agents may be an efficient way to increase potency and to increase libido. Improving a bad erection will help the following products, if they regularly eat:

  • honey-nut mixture;
  • a number of seafood, for example, some species of mollusks and oysters;
  • celery;
  • pine nuts;
  • citrus – oranges, grapefruits;
  • avocado;
  • spices – cinnamon, vanilla, saffron;
  • products with a high content of zinc and vitamin E.

Herbal medicine

To increase potency using decoction of medicinal herbs – a method that has been used by our ancestors, which were developed in our days. Optional to cook his own herbal – buy herb for male power at any pharmacy. Prepare the broth to enhance potency at home is very simple – pour boiling water over a spoonful of the dry mixture and steep for 2 h. do Not expect instant results – herbal therapy to increase potency takes a long time, the first results you will notice after a couple of weeks.

How to preserve potency to a ripe old age

Weak potency in 50 years should not be a pretext for disorder, and reason for the desire arises as long as possible to prolong their youth, including sexual. To increase potency at any age, it is important to live maximally fulfilling lives, to enjoy fellowship with women, get pleasure from just what you do. Mechanics of harder erections is understandable, but by itself it won't give you anything – you need to learn how to qualitatively different feeling of life, after 50 years it is quite possible, after all, no wonder this time is sometimes called the second youth.

Potency in adulthood

Every man wants and in his old age to feel full of energy and sexual energy. However, despite this desire on a subconscious level we still believe that after 50-60 years comes age, and with the sexual side of life have to say goodbye. We are sure that men's health after 50 years, the potency of which surely leaves much to be desired, inevitably falls. But is it?

Never think templates! Rest assured that your potency will remain with you and in old age, support in itself is an indescribable feeling of health and vigor, so characteristic of young people. And of course... follow these tips. We will discuss all the ways to increase potency, which are practiced by the doctors.

Why reduced potency in men after 50 years?

Factors there are extremely many and deleted them all, alas, is not always possible. Doctors there are external and internal causes that reduce libido. These reasons lead to the deterioration of metabolism. As a result, the potency of men age 50 and older is rapidly declining.

External causes of reduced potency

A sedentary way of life. If you have a sedentary profession, and you are forced to spend most of their workday in a chair, there is nothing surprising in the fact that soon disturbed blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Poor blood flow causes lack of oxygen and the deterioration of the activities of the prostate and testicles. And increase potency in men after 50 years – it is more difficult than its decline.

The alcohol and Smoking. Probably no comment here because we all know how detrimental to men's strength of nicotine and alcohol. And if nicotine acts slowly, the alcohol, under the condition of abuse, can cause damage to your male health very quickly.

Lack of exercise also becomes a cause of excess weight, which puts pressure on the organs of the urogenital system and dislodges it. As a result, in addition to potency, suffering and overall health.

folk remedies

Stress. "All diseases of the nerves" — and indeed it is. Constant stress and mental stress have a negative impact on the internal organs and the condition of the back. Due to changes in the psychological state of the men have no desire to have sex, rare sex not save the situation. In the end blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Muscular frame. With age he's losing strength, giving way to weakness of muscles and, as a consequence of sexual failure. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, exercise.

The internal causes of the reduced potency

The internal reasons for the decline of potency include problems with organs and body systems. Primarily these include inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, which many found even in his youth, but do not receive proper treatment, as they are in the chronic form. The prostate eventually starts a very negative impact on this fragile happiness, as potency. In men after 50 years it is more difficult to treat than at a young age.

Besides, men are worried about growing pressure, hormonal disruption, poor metabolism. The latter is often a consequence of diabetes. Diabetes causes many complications, among which the decline in testosterone levels. In this case, you should contact an experienced endocrinologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Attention! Cause erectile dysfunction can a hernia of the spine.

Of course, if you experience decreased sexual function, consult your doctor and determine the cause. This will help to more quickly return to an active sex life.

How to improve potency? The doctor's advice

Remember a few simple rules which must be strictly adhered to.

  1. Move more and get more fresh air. Doctors advise to choose outdoor sports, can improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  2. Less smoke, even give up this addiction.
  3. Do not abuse alcohol. It reduces the testosterone.
  4. Watch your weight.
  5. Avoid increasing blood pressure level and cholesterol.
  6. Don't take anabolics. They are able to lead to impotence even at a young age.
  7. Avoid stress. You can't hide from stress – but you can learn to disengage from them.

Following these points, you will maintain the testosterone levels at a sufficient level, and the problem of reducing the potency will not affect you.