Vitamins for men to improve the potency: to useful how to take where to find

Are you familiar with the situation, when a man is faced with certain health problems, and the specific reasons no? And problems specific! The potency! When we look at the problem is: poor diet, unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins. And the reason seems to be trivial, and the problem is very serious.

vitamins for potency

Maybe reducing the potency will come gradually, not immediately you will notice a decrease in libido. And seeing, sleep on fatigue today. Maybe reduced potency or complete lack of it, will come SUDDENLY! And in panic you shout "Who is to blame?" and "What to do?"

Who is to blame? Of course not you! Life is so-so. Late autumn or early spring? Possible. The chief has locked up and ruffled nerves? Maybe. The pressure of the "Shalit", the third time in a row ARI? So. What should I do? Right for you. Can, vitamins to drink? Possible.

Someone to take the vitamins you need?

  1. Those who live in ecologically unfavorable region

  2. Men are prone to frequent acute respiratory infections

  3. Smokers. Those who do not consider cigarettes, and those who "I'm only three cigarettes a day"

  4. Those who live in constant stress. Whether the effect of the profession, or nature "I got this"

  5. Men who have undergone surgery, trauma, severe infectious diseases. Those who have particular diseases of the genitourinary system

  6. Men with chronic diseases of the liver and intestines. It is therefore not absorb vitamins, even if you do get

  7. Athletes, men who by profession are experiencing severe physical exertion

  8. Men who are planning to have offspring "and still can not do it." For those who want to improve the quality of semen

  9. Men who chronically have trouble sleeping (and what to do, work like that). That lack of sleep leads to decreased production of testosterone by the body

  10. All men who care about their health and long "men's solvency"

What to do?

If to summarize all the tips and outline in one sentence, we get the following: revise the way of life. What to do? Mode. Great advice, but sometimes this mode is impossible to observe, because you are working in shifts. Proper sleep? It would be good. If you sleep at least 8 hours and night, in the allotted time – wonderful. And if you did not do that? All difficult.

Next. To review diet. There is work to do. To know where to start. You need to start with the right information. Here's food for thought: vitamin deficiency leads to a weakening of the organism as a whole. And once the body as a whole and the weakening of the reproductive organs, sexual desire. So, we drink vitamins! What? If you take vitamins of different manufacturers, for different categories of patients – women, children and men everywhere you look one and the same set of characters. And even milligrams will show you how the package of vitamins. And what need to men?

Vitamins to improve potency - b vitamins (the most important men's vitamin), as well as A, C, D, E. you Can buy vitamin b complex pharmacy, and can be used in the pure form and if to organize the food. You must revise your diet and so to arrange to have as many products in which necessary vitamins are. Let's look at how vitamins affect male potency and where to find them.

  • Vitamin A. – vitamin brand for men, improves erection and reproductive function in men. Vitamin a is all the fruits and vegetables that men love.

  • B vitamins – the main vitamins for potency men. Buy any nuts and gnaw on the way to work. Dairy products, too, who he loves. And fish. In fish – the main men's vitamins.

  • Vitamin D is necessary for potency in winter. Prepare for Breakfast a sandwich with cheese, butter, and add boiled egg. You will get enough vitamin D. If the winter, and you're a polar Explorer, fish oil – a storehouse of vitamin D.

  • Vitamin C vitamin for male potency, involved in hematopoiesis, is responsible for the blood flow to the genitals, increases the levels of a male hormone. Vitamin C is citrus and herbs.

  • Vitamin E is involved in the upgrade of the entire body, indicated for men with impaired potency in adulthood. If you prepare a green salad with boiled egg – you will get vitamin E.

  • It is also necessary to pay attention to the minerals – zinc and selenium, which are employed for the production of testosterone. Again, nuts. And again in the list of useful products, fish, seafood.

kinds of vitamins

Before you run to the drugstore in search of effective means to increase potency, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, paying special attention to nutrition. Include in the diet of the right foods, you can easily solve the problem of weak potency

Ne the fact that drinking the right vitamins your body will learn them in a jiffy, and the next day will be good as new. It takes time. Please be patient. Sometimes you just need to leave the body alone to provide psychological comfort (all diseases of the nerves), and he will recover. Need just a little help.

How many vitamins?

It would be nice to live in a clean place, to have access to quality products not to be limited in funds to do what you love, get enough rest and do not experience stress. It's talking about? About you? Hardly... And more. It would be nice to have a device that shows how many vitamins in milligrams you received from eating the ripe, devoid of nitrates by carrot. Is there such a device? I did not know. Who of the men uses 650 grams of fruit and vegetables a day? And you are sure that these vegetables and fruits amounts of vitamins enough? And the manufacturers of vitamins for men to improve the potency know.

The lack of vitamins for potency is bad. Overdose, uncontrolled intake of vitamins will harm. For example, excess vitamin D will cause problems with the kidneys, formation of stones. And the excess of vitamin C can lead to bleeding, and reduces blood properties. An overabundance of vitamin A can cause nausea, constant state of fatigue. What should I do? Ask the specialist.

Ideal – before the use of vitamins to increase potency in to be examined by a doctor. Reduced potency may be a consequence of the disease, primarily a disorder in the circulatory system. Assign vitamins yourself is dangerous to rely solely on advertising – is unwise.

How to take vitamins?

I wish to return the potency of today! Want a tablet, for now all was as it was before. Long, high quality, on demand... will Not be so. To kill the body can quickly recover long and hard. To each package of vitamins instruction manual that says what to do and what not to do. For example, not to drink vitamins on an empty stomach. Says to take before a meal, then do so. Written, to drink water, drink water, not tea, not juice, not coffee. It is best to drink vitamins in the morning, tested in practice

And we should not expect results after one pill or every other day. And even five! Have patience. Vitamins for potency not operate on the principle of a magic wand. The improvement will come only after some time, there will be accumulation of the necessary vitamin and you will feel the results. That is why vitamins are needed, taking breaks. Usually packing vitamins for a month. Then you need to take a break and start again.

Do not drink the same vitamins, try different manufacturers.

When taking vitamins to increase potency in men need to know, does vitamins together. The incompatibility of vitamins can lead to ineffectiveness of the treatment. Money down the drain! Potency no! What to do? You can determine the compatibility of the vitamins? No? I'm not strong in chemistry. I go to the doctor for advice. Specialist and chemistry and biology knows that the exam was passed. What the doctor will tell you what vitamins to increase potency is right for you. And don't forget to inform the doctor about your chronic sores. Tell him about the drugs you take constantly, for example, if taking medication to decrease blood pressure. Or, for example, you take in the moment antibiotics. With antibiotics taking vitamins is strictly prohibited. Talk "heart to heart" with your doctor. Certainly tighten, use word of mouth and find an intelligent professional. He will tell you what to do.

But, maybe not?!

Maybe you do not need complex vitamins. Maybe that your body needs in just one kind of substance. Or for some reason you can't take the whole complex. The causes can be varied. Here is an example. If you suffer, and suffer chronically, any kind of skin diseases. For example, dermatitis. It means you absolutely can not make vitamin C. this vitamin include all vitamin complexes to improve potency. What to do? Take your vitamins! Not only in complex.

Another example. Vitamin D, which is proven to increase male potency. Take it all in a row is not worth it. Special attention should be paid to those men diagnosed with osteoporosis, passionate about vegetarianism, those who abuse alcohol, who have serious endocrine pathology. What about this example? It is not necessary to self-medicate, self-diagnose and prescribe yourself drugs. It can be dangerous and end badly. And you need to end well. The desired result! Go to the doctor, my advice to you.

increased potency

I hope our information useful. Live life to the fullest and be healthy!