What is the potency of men: mechanisms of origin, causes of the disorders and treatment methods

Sex plays a major role in relations between a man and a woman. All family counselors in trying to determine the cause of differences, from the first minute consultations interested in the quality of sexual relationships between spouses.

Clearly, for many men the question of what potency plays a huge role. A full erection means the ability to satisfy your partner, to have fun, relieve stress, not to mention the natural desire to be a father. From a physiological point of view, the mechanism is filling the blood vessels in the penis arterial blood.

potency in men

In simple words, the basis of the structure of penile cavernous body are lined with smooth muscle fibers of the fabric. Relaxation of the muscles is accompanied by the dilation of the arteries that are actively filled with blood. Along with these compressed veins. After ejaculation this process takes place in reverse order. However, such mechanisms are not so simple.

Each stage of emergence of an erection is subject to certain biologically active substances — enzymes and hormones. Develop some connections and the oppression of other is controlled by the brain in response to incoming impulses. First, there is sexual arousal, then to irritation of the nerve endings of the penis sensations peak and orgasm occurs in combination with ejaculation.

Medically speaking, the term potency, involves several concepts:

  • sexual desire (also called libido) to the opposite sex;
  • an adequate response to sexual arousal and desire sexual intimacy, that is, the occurrence of erection;
  • the ability to commit full sexual intercourse;
  • the ability to achieve a powerful and vivid emotional coloring of orgasm;
  • the amount of ejaculate and the quality of the sperm that determines the fertility.

The severity of the listed manifestations of potency first depends on age factors. According to doctors, the peak of male sexual power accounts for 20-30 years.

In the analysis of various violations of sexual function, doctors often use the term "erectio age". As a rule, for the first time an erection occurs in Teens with the onset of puberty.

Usually such manifestations are not associated with conscious sexual desire, and arise spontaneously in the night and in the morning, due to a sharp rise in the concentration of testosterone.

As they get older sexual desires become more clear and manifest in the form of active sexual life. When a man acquires a family, on average, normal frequency of sexual contacts is at least 3 a week. However, under the influence of a number of age-related factors after 40 years, the erection gradually diminished.

In young men impotence requires the use of appropriate drugs and usually associated with various systemic diseases. But the Mature and old representatives of the stronger sex erectile dysfunction is almost impossible to therapy, the potency can be maintained for a certain time using special stimulants. However, their use is associated with complications and adverse reactions.

reduced potency

Potency depends on the level of testosterone in the blood. The synthesis of this hormone is controlled of biologically active compounds that are produced by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. In men testosterone is produced mainly in the testes, to a lesser extent by the adrenal cortex. After being hit in the prostate tissue, it turns into a more active dihydrotestosterone (which is why prostatitis and other disorders of this organ are one of the causes of erectile dysfunction).

Testosterone is responsible for the full operation of the reproductive system. In boys, it stimulates the appearance of secondary sex characteristics in boys and men this compound controls the intensity of the libido and the majority occurring in the prostate gland processes. Testosterone affects physical activity and endurance, the work of the apocrine glands, metabolism and performs many other functions.

As you study, what is the potency, the doctors offered new funds to restore full sexual activity.

So, for the correction of hormonal status prescribe drugs based on testosterone (at the pharmacy, they are released only by prescription), which requires individual selection of dosage. To quickly attain erection possible by means of activating the blood flow of medicines.

At the same time began to appear dietary Supplements containing a relatively safe natural ingredients (herbs, minerals, vitamins). They are available in the form of tablets, creams, sprays and gels for topical use, suitable for prolonged use.

However, only one medication is difficult to restore erection. Struggle with impotence should be required to include physical exercise, proper diet, total and reflex massage, avoiding harmful habits.

Rich in vitamins and minerals products, complete variety of food, mobility will allow not only to preserve lasting erections. This will save man from many age-related problems, cardiovascular diseases and other pathologies.

Potency in men and the causes of its deterioration

Problems with erection due to the influence of environmental factors, emotional components of daily life, concomitant diseases.

As a rule, a good potency in men is an indication of normal functioning of all internal organs. Conversely, disorders of sexual activity are often a symptom of any disease and psychological problems.

The lack of full potency may be a consequence of such reasons:

the reasons for the decline of potency
  • Stress and excessive fatigue, as a rule, in this case, failures in bed are rare, to restore an erection quite a few days of rest. But if the depression becomes chronic, high risk of development of psychogenic impotence.
  • Regularly experience discomfort during intercourse, for example, due to pain and itching in the genital area when urogenital infections, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, etc.
  • Disorders of the endocrine regulation testosterone deficiency (especially in adolescence and young adulthood), disorders of the thyroid activity is fraught with persistent deterioration of potency.
  • Various chronic diseases that not only affect the physiological mechanisms of the development of erection, but also lead to a General depletion of the energy potential of the organism.
  • Diabetes.
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract and enzyme system, which affect the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances necessary for normal synthesis of hormones and other compounds that provide the ability of men to an active sex life.
  • A neurological disorder affecting the functioning of the brain or interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses (e.g., hernia of the spine, injuries of backbone, degenerative processes in the intervertebral cartilages).
  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system, which do not allow for a full sexual life (cardiac arrhythmia, fluctuations in blood pressure, coronary disorders, atherosclerosis).
  • Phlebology pathology, which lead to the disruption of blood flow to supply the sex organs the blood vessels, such violations not only affect the mechanism of erection, but also slow down the metabolic processes in the prostate, endocrine glands.
  • Genital injuries.
  • Unwanted complications after certain medications, but as a rule, the doctor warns the patient about the likelihood of these side effects.

Potency in men is influenced by environmental factors: the unfavorable ecological situation in area of residence, exposure to radiation.

Good sexual health can not boast of men, are prone to bad habits (Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption) that violate the principles of a healthy diet (in the diet must be present fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish). Important regular physical activity, you can use any of the exercises: morning exercises, yoga, cardio classes at the gym, etc.

To potency was preserved in spite of the physiological aging process, it is necessary to take certain preventive measures.

A variety of useful supplements containing a complex of plant extracts having Generalis toning effect, stimulating blood flow and normalizing the metabolic processes in tissues of the prostate.

Also required intake of natural herbal teas and supplements to improve the functioning of the myocardium, the purification of vessels, restoration of blood rheological properties. Now the pharmacy can purchase any capsules, tinctures, fees for independent brewing Russian, European, American and Chinese production.

Naturally, the sales lead is widely touted foreign funds, however, many domestic products are not inferior to them in efficiency, but treatment is much cheaper.

Timely therapy of organ pathologies by using prescribed pills and injections promotes the preservation and restoration of erection in most patients (of course, given the age factor).

treatment potency

Male potency and conservative and innovative ways of strengthening

Before taking any drug (natural or synthetic) should pay special attention to lifestyle and nutrition.

Regardless of the causes of erectile dysfunction should:

  • normalizing weight with a proper diet and exercise;
  • stop Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially beer;
  • sports, to avoid inactivity;
  • to limit the influence of stress factors, if it is impossible to do on their own, ask the doctor to prescribe a light sedative;
  • a complete examination the doctor to detect latent diseases.

To restore and strengthen sexual power and using the tools of alternative medicine.

Effective enough for the following recipes:

  • The cups of dry beans, rinse and pour a liter of cold water and leave overnight. In the morning strain and drink during the day.
  • Take a piece of ginseng root length of 3-4 cm and fill it with 3.5 litres of quality vodka or diluted up to 40º medical alcohol. To start taking a tincture can be the next day — 50-60 ml three times a day. When the medicine stays "on bottom", add the same amount of vodka, stir and continue to receive. To drink from November to April.
  • Pour 100 g of fruit fennel a bottle of Port, to insist in the refrigerator for 3 weeks, strain and take half a Cup at night.
  • Mix in equal proportions propolis with honey and take a tablespoon on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Dissolve in two cups of water a tablespoon of baking soda and drink during the day.

A universal way to increase potency and prolong sexual intercourse serve as potent drugs that are sold in any drugstore. First and foremost, it means from the group of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase fifth type. The ineffectiveness of these agents administered injections of synthetic prostaglandins, but they do in the soft tissue of the penis, and not all men have the ability to self-perform such injections.

recovery of potency

Male potency is largely dependent on measures that can be taken at home. First and foremost, this regular exercises, contrast showers and other treatments for hardening and strengthening blood vessels. Considerable importance is food.

Male potency increases if the diet to add more vegetable salads, dressed with flax oil, garlic and topped with parsley. Used for snack chips, sausage sandwiches and other snacks should be replaced with nuts, dried fruits, coffee to give up in favor of tea, fresh juices.