What foods increase the potency of men: list

To achieve a high level of potency, man enough to use the pill. For treatment of prostatitis, impotence and low testosterone you want to change the way of life. First and foremost – to review its approach to nutrition. Enrich your daily diet is useful for the potency of products.

products which increase potency

How to choose

What foods increase the potency of men? To make your diet to include meals, useful for male power, you must know what are the required trace elements. Because some foods are natural aphrodisiacs because they have essential nutrients. They often refer to the groups of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.

Among the useful for potency of minerals the first thing to mention:

  • Vitamin C Has a tonic effect on the male body, and provides a high level of potency. Particularly important a large dosage of vitamin C for smokers – a useful trace element dissolves upon contact with nicotine;
  • Vitamin E. the First in the list of natural antioxidants. Stabilizes the level of testosterone in the male body, does not allow other substances to break it. It is a natural defender of male potency;
  • B vitamins by Consuming foods with these micronutrients, we naturally raise the level of his libido. Restores the energy reserves of the nervous and reproductive system;
  • Vitamin D. under normal conditions, a man gets his under the influence of sunlight. But nowadays people spend a lot of time in the room. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use a large number of products with these micronutrients;
  • Zinc. It is the Foundation without which in the male body never has good potency, high levels of testosterone. Able to transform female hormones in a male;
  • Selenium. Eliminates stagnant processes in the pelvic area and improves blood circulation. Restores the normal activity of the male testicles to produce sperm and testosterone;
  • Omega-3 and omega-6. The best protection against prostatitis and poor potency. Lowers the production of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to a decrease of testosterone.

A list of products

Some foods are delicacies, and at the same time known as powerful aphrodisiacs, able to increase the potency. Others cheap enough, treat food that we eat every day. This can be a product that increases libido in men. To acquire useful for male potency products everyone can, you just have to know what to choose.

Onions and garlic

The most common onion is a good stimulant of libido. Their beneficial properties for potency men the onion became famous in the days of Ancient Rome. Fried, boiled or baked onions nutrients is much less. It is advisable to consume it raw or pickled. It is especially useful in mixture with boiled chicken eggs is a popular filling for pies.

onions and garlic

Garlic also increases the potency a rich source of Selenium. To make it easier to use the useful properties of this product, prepare a garlic tincture. Clean and grind 1 kg of garlic, throw in a glass jar with a capacity of 3 l Pour the boiling water, cover, remove in a cool dark place for 30 days. Periodically interfere with our good tincture. Eat 1 tsp a day with 250 ml milk.


This product, now almost forgotten, can be used for male potency and improve it. Best rap acts, if you cook it in milk and add a little honey. When preparing the vegetable for cooking, cut and clean, you can add as many carrots. It will be an additional source of vitamins for potency. You should eat a few tablespoons of ready meals a day on an empty stomach.


Watermelon in fresh, natural form, has a beneficial effect on the potency of men:

  • Dilates blood vessels;
  • Improves the functioning of reproductive organs;
  • Eliminates stagnant processes in the prostate tissues.

Watermelons also contain phytonutrients, relaxing the capillaries. In the end, the erectile tissues of the penis can more easily accept worse give blood. Erection men is strengthened stabiliziruemost. Eating large quantities of watermelon pulp, you can compare with taking the pills.

Dairy products

Cheese, sour cream, cheese, cream and fermented baked milk has a positive effect on the level of male potency. If we talk about milk in its pure form, it should not be pasteurized. Otherwise, the contents of nutrients required for potency will suffer. If you don't have access to organic milk, it is better to lean on dairy products from the store.

Oily sea fish

Ideal to improve the potency of such foods, such as flounder and mackerel. First, it is the source of a whole group of vitamins. Second, here you'll find fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which the modern man is in short supply.

If you bought the fish to increase the potency, you should not fry it or cook it in the oven. It is better to boil or to bring to readiness on pair. Smoked or salted fish will also be not the best choice.

Fish can be eaten in large quantities, it difficult to fat. This product is useful for men, not only because it strengthens the potency. Marine fish varieties also have a beneficial effect on the quality and viability of sperm.



Good for potency, but you need to choose lean cuts. It is desirable to move away from pork, to switch to beef, rabbit, breast of chicken. To useful amino acids reach the body in maximum concentration, it should abandon the roasting meat.

Some meat products give exceptional effect on potency. These include rooster combs, poultry, lamb and bull testicles. Meat should not be abused. To digest it, our gastrointestinal tract has to spend too much energy. As a result, the potency may suffer.


Nuts of all varieties are very useful for male potency. The highest content of nutrients that increase libido can boast of cedar. Here you can find everything you need for men minerals. Also useful nutmeg, but it may only be used as a seasoning and in small quantities.

You can mix chopped nuts with other foods. For example, meat or vegetable salads. Particularly useful ingredients of such salads will be the dried fruits and carrots. Nuts here not only improve the taste of food, but also help to increase the potency level.


Go to the delicacies. To find it will be very hard, but it is powerful and quickly affects the level of potency. Eat this product mostly in the Arab countries.

Cicurina is a salt-specific recipe with camel's stomach. Enough to eat only a few grams of this product before sex. The effect will be noticeable after an hour. You can also use it as a tincture on alcohol.


Expensive product, but now it's easy enough to get, for example, ordering in a restaurant. Oysters must be alive, otherwise a large part of the nutrients will go nowhere. This delicacy for hundreds of years known as the best remedy to increase the potency.

Why are oysters so effective? They contain a loading dose of amino acids. Once in the body men, they give a sudden burst of energy. Which is consumed by the body to increase strength potency.

However, if you are looking for food that increase male power should not be abused oysters. They do not want to eat more often 1-2 times a week. There is a bit of mercury, which in large amounts is very harmful for potency and men's health.

If you are ready to spend money on oysters, try the other, less expensive seafood. Perfect for increasing the potency of squid, shrimp, octopus.

Products or tablets

When a man thinks about how to maintain or enhance their potency, the question arises: to change diet or acquire nutrients in tablets. The latter option may seem more attractive and comfortable. All of the desired substance from each dosage of the drug.

Moreover, such means to increase potency, the market is filled. The screaming is on TV, billboards on the street, from contextual advertising on the Internet. There are different drugs that, according to the manufacturer, contain a lot of nutrients. They include vitamin and mineral complexes, biologically active additives and homeopathic remedies. So what to choose – natural products or pills?

Any funds that are based on nutrients, there are a number of disadvantages compared to natural food:

  • They are assimilated worse than the trace elements in natural form;
  • The right conditions of production and storage of vitamins easy to break. In the end, the end user receives "dummy";
  • Each person in deficiency of different micronutrients. This point is not always taken into account by the manufacturers of the pills. You can purchase vitamin complex, and end up with too much of some items and shortages of others.

We often forget what varied and tasty, organic food on the table is not only a direct benefit to the body and potency. Last but not least it is a good mood, "fighting spirit" men. And if psychologically representative of the stronger sex happy, it increases his testosterone level. What can be achieved with the help of pills.