Exercises for men for potency: can I help

Assumed, if the reduced libido and erectile dysfunction is inherent only to older persons. This is a big misconception.

This state of the body, down to impotence, are found in young people. The number of persons under the age of 35 years, suffering from some form of impotence in recent years is growing rapidly.

exercises for potency

The solution to this problem is to use special preparations and, of course, the special exercises to increase potency. But what kind of exercises and how to perform them correctly? Try to understand.

What are the causes of reduced potency in men

In all cases the mechanism of development of erectile dysfunction is to blame for the decrease in the concentration of the male hormone testosterone. Among the direct causes of its decline:

• Physical exhaustion. The first and most common reason. All body systems are in a state of imbalance, the amount of testosterone rapidly drops. However, a decrease in potency.

• Taking certain medications. Essentially "beat" the reproductive system neuroleptics (antipsychotics), sedatives (including Valerian), antidepressants. Sexual function fully restored upon completion of the course of treatment.

• Improper diet. A large intake of fatty, salty, smoked dishes, that's the reason of reduction in libido and sexual dysfunction.

• Infectious lesions of the body. Directly affect the potency because the body is busy in more serious cases.

• Injuries to the groin area. In this case we are talking about the true impotence caused by trauma to the testicles or penis.

• Other endocrine causes. The perpetrators of sexual dysfunction can be tumors of the sellar region (pituitary). In this case, can not do without a substitution therapy.

• Diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Tumors, intracerebral hematomas lead to the violation of the innervation of the genital organs. It can also be epilepsy, atherosclerosis. More common in older patients.

• Psychological reasons. Self-doubt, negative sexual experiences in the past, that may become a psychological cause of impotence. Treatment in this case psychotherapy, with cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The reasons are manifold. In most cases effective are complexes of special exercises.

Exercises for men for potency

Described exercises are recommended to all men, including persons in the older age group. The basis of the mechanism of the positive effects of exercise is the increase in hormone-testosterone, the concentration of which for certain reasons has decreased. Also described exercises contribute to the improvement of blood circulation in the genital area.

Complex 1

1) Stand up straight. Both legs tightly close to the soles. Now you need to raise high the leg is maximally bent knee. Limb to raise as high as possible, wanting to get the knee chest. The leg lowered, making a single step. Then do the same with the opposite lower extremity. The output is supposed to be simulated combat step.

2) to get Up. Feet at shoulder level. Take a deep breath. On slightly bent knees, squatting. When squatting should feel tension in the buttocks. Then, on the account "two" to stand up and relax the buttocks. Repeat a few times.

3) Now you need to follow well-known exercise "running in place". Technology implementation is different. Need to raise high knees, wanting to get the chest (as in exercise # 1).

4) Lie on the floor. It is advisable not to lie down on the cold floor, it is best to spread the rug. Legs bent at the knees, soles firmly planted on the ground. Hand pull "at the seams", is also pushed to the floor. Previously under the waist, it is recommended to put a small pillow or roll of blankets. Now on account of "one" we need to raise the pelvis. Arms and legs remain motionless. To hold the pelvis in this position for 10-12 seconds. The next step is to return to the original lying position. It is important to do the exercise slowly, carefully working through each movement.

5) Lie on the floor. Legs straight, arms along the body. Now you need to stretch your hands and toes of the feet into the floor and lift the back along with pelvis as high as possible. This so-called exercise "birch".

6) Make identical provision. To perform the described exercises will need a spherical object. Suitable conventional ball medium size. The main difference between the sixth exercise from fourth to involve additional muscle groups. Spherical object placed between your knees and hold. Now we need to raise the pelvis, at the same time gripping the ball with maximum power.

7) Take a horizontal position. Legs bent at the knees, arms are freely along the body. The essence of the exercise is to the muscle tension of the perineum. To understand how to implement it, you need to remember the feeling, when a man suppresses urination. Repeat the exercise should be 25 times.


8) to Take a horizontal position. Legs bent at the knees. Hands clasped to the castle and wound the head. Now feet up, just leave the bent. To perform the exercise "Bicycle",

9) to Sit on a high chair. Body relaxed, back straight. Complete the exercise # 5 of the same complex. The buttocks should not be used.

This is the main therapeutic complex that improves the nutrition of the pelvic organs and genitals.

Complex exercise number 2

These exercises require a good physical preparation. They are recommended for those whose health allows you to engage more intensively.

1) Take a horizontal position. Legs straight, arms placed along the body. The one both legs elevate as high as possible, trying to get them behind your head. Of course, without proper preparation to hold your limbs so far out. It is important to strive for this.

2) back to the lying position, this time on my stomach. Arms bent at the elbows and place in the armpits. Account "one" to lift the neck, torso, wanting to see what is ahead. The next step is to stay in this position for 12 seconds, then relax and return to the original position.

3) Now you need to perform the same exercise, but at a faster pace, without the static component.

4) Stand up straight. Feet at shoulder level. On the inhale you need to bend down to the feet and clasp knees to the inside of the hands. Then suck in your stomach, and stretch the glutes and muscles of the perineum. To stay in the position for a few seconds. Then relax and return the body to its original position.

5) Sit on a chair or stool. Take the back of a chair or the legs of the stool. Now you need to make 10 circular movements of the pelvis, keeping the back straight. Hands tightly clasp the back or legs. After repeat the exercise, rotating pelvis in the other direction.

6) Stand up straight. Account "one" to start the circular movements of the pelvis left and right.

These two sets of exercises for men for potency in most cases is enough to restore normal potency.

Myths about exercise for men for potency

Around physical therapy for men soars a lot of myths and legends. Consider some of them.

Myth 1. Impotence enough to engage in special physical education. It's not true. Of course, the described exercises help to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area and increase testosterone level, but they are not a panacea. To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, requires a comprehensive approach including medications.

Myth 2. Exercises for men for potency help with any form of erectile dysfunction. It's also confusing. There is psychological impotence, when a person is at the level of "instinct" can not maintain a healthy erection. There will only psychotherapy in combination with medications. Gymnastics intended for the treatment of physiological impotence. In addition, there are also drug impotence, when normal erection "resist" drugs. This condition is treated by removal of the drug.

Myth 3. Erectile dysfunction will go away if you practice the exercises as much as possible. And in addition it would be nice to go the gym and train the muscles to exhaustion. Somewhat exaggerated, but many argue just that. However, it is also a myth. Excessive load lead to the opposite effect, reducing the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Without normal levels of this hormone of a good erection can be forgotten.

Myth 4. Enough for one day, to exercise, to take effect. Not true. The therapeutic effect appears after 2-5 days after the start of classes.

Myth 5. It is impossible through exercise to get rid of impotence. Nothing more than a delusion. Exercises for men for potency designed to help you to cope with the problem. As already mentioned, this is not the main but a tool for the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction.

How to perform the exercises for men for potency

The key to the effectiveness of exercises performed correctly. To do this, simply adhere to the simple recommendations.

1) it is Important to practice regularly, every day.

2) the Number of approaches during the day — 2-4. Less inefficient, more — is harmful, because it will develop the opposite effect.

3) exercise Intensity does not need to constantly increase. Of course, in the framework of the "titration" physical activity should start with a minimum number of times. In the future, the load is increased to acceptable for men specific level.

4) to Perform all the exercise smoothly, without jerks. So the effect will be maximized and the risk of damage is minimal.

5) you Need to carefully monitor their own health. If you experience excessive fatigue and, especially, the pain should reconsider the number of running times.

6) Before starting any exercise it is recommended to consult a specialist, informing him of the complexes, which male is going to perform. It is possible that the list of exercises will have to be revised. It all depends on the nature of the problem.

7) once a week is recommended to break from training routines for men for potency. Because of this body in time as it should recover.

increased potency

Special complexes of therapeutic exercises are certainly effective. You need to make them right. It is important to keep in mind that help they do not always use physical activity only as auxiliary means.